Welcome to photoaddict.net by Zibby Bagniuk

About Me: Hi folks! My name is Zibby Bagniuk, a passionate photographer living in Scotland. I’ve started my photography journey back in 2007 where I bought my first DSLR camera Nikon D40 (yay!).

Music: Music is my passion! I love all kinds of progressive rock, white jazz and classical music. Currently I following the Steven Wilson, Riverside, The Pineapple Thief, Porcupine Tree etc. I was even in the band once… vocals… old stories though.

Bridge: Bridge? Yes indeed. I play bridge since I was 17 years old and still learning. There is and always will be room for improvement in bridge probably the same as in photography. I’ve played in number of major competitions but hard to find time for all hobbies isn’t it?

World of Warcraft – Big fan! Started in 2005 quit before Pandaria expansion pack. Now back again into game but with chillout mode on. No more HC raids! Wanna add me to your friend’s list? Search for Baggy#21165

Valorant – The only FPS I play nowadays. Not too good but trying my best. Sage is my main character I play. Wanna add me to your friend’s list? Search for Prezes#1979

Prints: Anyway… This blog is mainly to share my photographic collection, my passion and my experience. This site is literally non-commercial based, however prints or digital copies can be obtained upon request.

Copyrights: All images are copyrighted, therefore please do not copy any of the content without prior permission (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988).